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Groom speech - a question of gifts

12th November 2021
The groom speech has always featured the giving of gifts, and as with a few wedding traditions, this is something I have a bit of an issue with. Yes, the wedding day does present an opportunity to single out people who have been instrumental in ma...

Father of the bride speech - filling in the gaps

8th November 2021
If life goes according to plan, your daughter will meet the man of her dreams, fall in love and then decide to get married. This all usually takes its time, and so with the natural pace of life, education, and career, that will probably be some ti...

Father of the bride speech - short and sweet?

4th November 2021
When it comes to public speaking, the way I like to look at it is: nobody normal likes standing up in front of a lot of people and talking out loud. If you're not prepared, it's nerve wracking, intimidating and can cause sleepless nights. The adde...

Best man speech dilemma - naughty or nice?

1st November 2021
I have long since come to realise that there are only two types groom: those that are very naughty, and have racked up multiple stories about their exploits over the years, and those grooms who are so nice and boring, they've racked up precisely n...

Groom speech - how to handle the best man

28th October 2021
Traditionally the best man can be a bit of a loose cannon. He's the guy you've selected to celebrate you in just the right way, probably a lifelong friend or brother, but deep down you're not too sure if he's going to over step the mark.  A large ...

Best man speech - a harsh lesson?

23rd October 2021
I recently heard back from a client I was writing for that said that a particular line in the best man speech, and I quote 'wasn't harsh enough for his humour'. This is symptomatic of the approach that so many best men take, and that's thinking th...

Wedding speeches - the funny business

17th October 2021
Any speech, be it eulogy, corporate communication, leaving party or burial of  your pet goldfish, is all the better for humour. The humour in any speech gives it balance, helps to break it up, and in many cases makes it bearable. The lack of it, i...

Is there such a thing as the 2 minute Best Man Speech?

13th October 2021
Well, to be succinct, yes and no. The 2 minute best man speech is out there, but to call it a speech might be pushing the boundaries of reality a little. In the UK lot of best men don't relish the thought of speaking, and more accurately the press...

A joint groom speech?

9th October 2021
Evolution in wedding speeches is no bad thing; there is a lot of nonsense surrounding tradition that really needs to be dispensed with. A case in point is the tradition of the best man responding on behalf of the bridesmaids' toast given by the gr...

Groom speech when it's not a wedding?

7th October 2021
This title might sound confusing, but actually at the moment it's the most common groom speech I'm writing for clients. You see, many couples took the chance last year, when the pandemic struck, to get hitched whatever the scenario. That frequentl...

Father of the bride speech - how do you like your toast?

1st October 2021
Toasting is a big part of wedding speeches, and frequently it's the part that's overlooked in its detail. Usually you have 3 wedding speakers, although these days that's quickly becoming 4 or maybe even 5, and if they're all going to be making toa...

Father of the bride speech - Happy Families?

27th September 2021
Weddings are of course the coming together of two people, whose mutual love and affection means that they simply cannot with without each other; and it also brings together two families with varying degrees of love and affection. Just because your...
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