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Best Man Speech - 3 really isn't the magic number

5th October 2022
In Britain we rarely invent very much anymore, but when we do it tends to be quite big - like the internet and recreational post pub casual violence. However, some of the innovation we're responsible for, isn't as progressive, and far more likely ...

Best man speech - the 2 pint rule

21st March 2022
Very few things in life work better when you're completely plastered. Obviously, there are exceptions, and there's a very good reason why the military used to dish out rum tots before engaging in combat - being slightly squiffy can even make going...

Groom Speech - a joint enterprise?

8th March 2022
Most young couples about to get married are clearly quite keen on one another, and so they should be - they are, after all, committing themselves to all eternity together. It's in these days of heady devotion that besotted couples can bare to be s...

Groom Speech - enough is enough

25th February 2022
For all the grooms that I speak to who have a morbid fear of public speaking, and view the groom speech as something to get through, rather than enjoy, there are a select number of grooms out there who view the groom speech as an opportunity to te...

Groom speech - don't forget it's forever

4th February 2022
I've written many times that there is an underlying temptation for grooms out there to see the groom speech as 'just a groom speech'. In other words, it's a fairly routine meander through loved ones, a toast here and there, and some lovely words a...

Groom speech - same sex wedding

27th January 2022
Weddings, and the traditions that they carry with them, have largely remained unchanged for many years, which is good and bad in equal measure. People can get a little too caught up in the whole business of following traditions, which are as meani...

Father of the bride speech - it's been emotional

20th January 2022
There's no getting away from it: unless you're a robot, and/or you have a semi dysfunctional relationship with your daughter, the father of the bride speech is going to be emotional, and so it should parts. As I've written many times befor...

Groom Speech - the bigger picture

13th January 2022
I always find it truly amazing just how little thought some grooms can put into certain areas of the big day. Yes, they'll have thought carefully about the honeymoon, made sure that the ushers' socks all mean something, and will have named all the...

Groom speech: some really great bad advice

8th January 2022
I love being a wedding speech writer, as I have the opportunity to meet some really fascinating people, hear their life stories and create something for them that will not only be a great success on the day, but enjoyed for many years to come. The...

Father of the bride speech - to icebreak or not?

5th January 2022
The vast majority of people I write for are very nervous about their speech, and that's an entirely reasonable and expected emotion. If you're not nervous about it, you probably haven't given enough thought as to the task in hand. The best man is ...

Groom speech - your new year's resolution

4th January 2022
As the new year dawns, and you inevitably begin to think about the wedding that's in the far off distant haze of summer, you might be comforted by the fact that there's at least 6 months until you make your groom speech. A buffer of half a year mi...

Best Man Speech - you are not the story

15th December 2021
It's very rare that people get the opportunity to talk about themselves in an indulgent way. Yes, we might be asked in job interviews what we like to do in our spare time, and what our strengths and weaknesses are, however, this is all well and go...
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