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Why use my eulogy writing service?

It goes without saying that this is a highly emotional and important speech. Sometimes separating yourself from the person that has passed, in order to write objectively is just too difficult. Others find there’s so much to say that creating any kind of coherent structure is an impossible task. A really fitting, memorable and powerful eulogy should have a really creative and engaging flow, have the perfect balance of memories and observations, and leave everyone entertained and moved in equal measure. In my opinion a eulogy should always be viewed as a celebratory speech, so humour and entertainment are there to balance out the more emotional parts.

My name is Adrian Simpson, and my bespoke speech writing service will create a really personal, memorable and powerful eulogy that will make the very most of the one opportunity you’ve got.

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The bespoke eulogy service

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    Every eulogy is completely unique and individual

  • 2.

    I do not follow a formula, I work from your answers.

  • 3.

     Unlimited Editing and support from the minute you commission me.

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    There is a one off fee of £299 for the service, and that  gives you unlimited ‘ me ‘ until you deliver the speech

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    It is a completely DISCREET service – nobody will ever know you’ve used me

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    Every eulogy is written to sound like you wrote it, a personal sounding speech is the key to success.

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    This is the only writing service that runs an independent Google verified review system

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    Last Minute requests are no problem

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I take a great deal of pride in writing the very best eulogies, and I’m always happy to talk through your speech with you or call 02079936524 any time

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a one time all inclusive fee

This includes unlimited editing and support from the moment you commission us to the moment you deliver the speech.

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How to deliver a eulogy

You can have a great speech but it will all come to nothing if you can’t land it on the day. Here are my thoughts on the three main delivery methods.

1. Memorise the whole speech – this is not for the feint hearted and as you are usually really busy, finding the time to devote to it proves tricky. Also you tend to focus on recalling the words so much that genuine performance is affected. A mental block can prove catastrophic.

2. Cue Cards – this is probably the most popular way for most and does work really well, but you have to know it inside out. Keep reading it every spare minute you have and it will cement itself in your mind. Remember the key words that make a funny story or memory really work.

3. Reading from a sheet – Contrary to what some may say, this can work really well. There are just a few things you need to bear in mind: speak as slowly and purposefully as possible, lots of pauses and LOADS of eye contact. Make sure you have something to rest the sheets on as you will be emotional and probably nervous, so that will make them shake.

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