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Father of the bride speech - poetic licence?

23rd August 2021
The father of the bride speech is obviously your one big chance to stand up and tell everyone at the wedding exactly what your daughter means to you. It is an amazing opportunity, and hopefully it won't come around again, so you want to make sure ...

Best Man Speech - it's never about the best man

20th August 2021
It's always interesting to me just what I find in the answers I receive from best men around the world. You can easily see that a lot of friendships are forged from the ashes of a good punch up when you were about 5 years old and the groom took a ...

Groom speech - a 25 minute epic?

13th August 2021
I always like to emphasise that the groom speech is a unique opportunity to stand up and say lovely things about people who are, and were, important in your life, and that opportunity needs to be seized with maximum enthusiasm. Fingers crossed won...

A Modern Groom speech?

11th August 2021
Having written a groom speech for a client recently, I was then asked if I could make it more 'modern'. In all my years of writing groom speeches, I have never been more confused. I don't have much time for pomp and tradition in wedding speeches, ...

Winging Your Best Man speech

11th August 2021
Despite well catalogued best man speech disasters on the internet, there are still a legion of men around the world convinced that they can stand up, and knock out a great speech from the depths of their mind. This is only ever Route 1 to disaster...

Best Man Speech - How soon is now?

19th June 2021
I am regularly asked a lot of the same questions: how long should a speech be? How many toasts do I make? Should I mention the bridesmaids...yadda yadda yadda. However, the question I'm asked most often is: when should I start? My guess is, if you...

Is it worth making Best Man speech for 30 people?

22nd May 2021
Well, obviously I'm going to say yes, but apart from the very real need to feed my children, why would you bother making a best man speech to a comparatively small crowd? It doesn't matter how many people are there, the premise of the best man spe...

Wedding speeches – Get on the mic

23rd March 2021
There’s one golden rule about wedding speeches that people tend to overlook, and that is: if they can’t hear you, there’s simply no point. For some reason a sizeable chunk of people have an issue with using a microphone, as if it somehow sends out...

How to deliver your best man speech?

16th March 2021
The question about delivery is something I’m asked all the time. The idea goes that having a great speech is half the battle, but delivering it is the other half, and as often as I’m asked, I can’t be there to deliver it for you on the day. Well, ...

Why Prince Harry can never again make a best man speech

12th March 2021
We’ve all had one – you know the mate that suddenly decides it’s way better to hang out permanently with his new girlfriend and forsake watching the match in the pub with you, when he could be perusing the aisles of IKEA clutching a rolling pin an...

Father of the bride speech – settling the scores?

10th March 2021
I often say that the rarest wedding scenario I write for is two couples in their thirties, with two intact, happily married sets of parents. It so very rarely happens. Unfortunately, life takes its toll, people will be missing and nothing throws a...

Best man speech – relative experts

9th March 2021
Most families have one or two individuals who seem to think they know a lot of stuff about….a lot of stuff. They’re the kind of people who can contribute to pretty much any topic of conversation, reflecting as easily on Angela Merkel’s foreign pol...
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