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Groom Speech - the bigger picture

13th January 2022
I always find it truly amazing just how little thought some grooms can put into certain areas of the big day. Yes, they'll have thought carefully about the honeymoon, made sure that the ushers' socks all mean something, and will have named all the...

Groom speech: some really great bad advice

8th January 2022
I love being a wedding speech writer, as I have the opportunity to meet some really fascinating people, hear their life stories and create something for them that will not only be a great success on the day, but enjoyed for many years to come. The...

Father of the bride speech - to icebreak or not?

5th January 2022
The vast majority of people I write for are very nervous about their speech, and that's an entirely reasonable and expected emotion. If you're not nervous about it, you probably haven't given enough thought as to the task in hand. The best man is ...

Groom speech - your new year's resolution

4th January 2022
As the new year dawns, and you inevitably begin to think about the wedding that's in the far off distant haze of summer, you might be comforted by the fact that there's at least 6 months until you make your groom speech. A buffer of half a year mi...

Best Man Speech - you are not the story

15th December 2021
It's very rare that people get the opportunity to talk about themselves in an indulgent way. Yes, we might be asked in job interviews what we like to do in our spare time, and what our strengths and weaknesses are, however, this is all well and go...

Groom speeches - it's all about the bride

12th December 2021
Well, it is, and it isn't. Anyone that's been subjected to groom speeches, which are little more than an extended lecture on the subject of the bride, and how amazingly lucky the groom is to have met her, will understand the torture of that experi...

Groom speech - absent friends

8th December 2021
I've written for pretty much every single type of wedding scenario and family make up you can imagine. Every time I speak to a client who warns me their particular situation is going to be uniquely challenging, I brace myself for a story I've hear...

Father of the bride speech - it's all about length

4th December 2021
There are a few key areas to a speech that will dictate its success, and whilst structure and great writing are obviously important, nothing really determines the outcome of a speech more succinctly than its length. If everyone kept an eye on the ...

Best man speech - New Year's Eve

30th November 2021
So, as we approach the festive season there are plenty of reasons to be jolly. It's party time around the world, you'll have a few days away from work after what has been another odd year, and you'll get to catch up with friends and family. Howeve...

Best Man Speech - Father to Son

25th November 2021
In times gone by, the best man role was usually handed over to a brother, or a good friend, and whilst that's still largely the case, things are changing. It's not unusual for it to now be the responsibility of anywhere up to 4 friends, 3 brother,...

Groom Speech - groomsmen or ushers?

22nd November 2021
I think it's fair to say that these days we all live in a fairly homogenous world, and languages in any country reflect a blend of many others. In France they 'enjoy' their very own brand of Franglais, which features words like jogging, brunch, an...

Father of the bride speech - less is more

16th November 2021
Whenever I'm writing a speech, I'll always be thinking of how to keep it as efficient as possible; after all why use 3 sentences when one will do the trick? A classic mistake in so many speeches is to say the same thing but in several different wa...
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