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Wedding speeches – Get on the mic

23rd March 2021
There’s one golden rule about wedding speeches that people tend to overlook, and that is: if they can’t hear you, there’s simply no point. For some reason a sizeable chunk of people have an issue with using a microphone, as if it somehow sends out...

How to deliver your best man speech?

16th March 2021
The question about delivery is something I’m asked all the time. The idea goes that having a great speech is half the battle, but delivering it is the other half, and as often as I’m asked, I can’t be there to deliver it for you on the day. Well, ...

Why Prince Harry can never again make a best man speech

12th March 2021
We’ve all had one – you know the mate that suddenly decides it’s way better to hang out permanently with his new girlfriend and forsake watching the match in the pub with you, when he could be perusing the aisles of IKEA clutching a rolling pin an...

Father of the bride speech – settling the scores?

10th March 2021
I often say that the rarest wedding scenario I write for is two couples in their thirties, with two intact, happily married sets of parents. It so very rarely happens. Unfortunately, life takes its toll, people will be missing and nothing throws a...

Best man speech – relative experts

9th March 2021
Most families have one or two individuals who seem to think they know a lot of stuff about….a lot of stuff. They’re the kind of people who can contribute to pretty much any topic of conversation, reflecting as easily on Angela Merkel’s foreign pol...

Best man speech – it’s with you for the long haul

8th March 2021
Every now and again I speak to people who decide not to go with my services, and that’s completely fine. Some have the time to dedicate to write a speech, others rate their own comedy, and there are a few who decide that they’d rather spend the mo...

Best man speech – what to say, when there’s nothing to say?

7th March 2021
The great thing about being a man is that you can bumble along in life and not really take that much interest in your surroundings, for about the first 30 years. Generally speaking we are a bit self obsessed up until that point, wondering what car...

Best man speech – lost in translation

3rd March 2021
The world has always been a big place, and ever since time began we’ve wandered far and wide trying to find that special someone…or at the very least, someone who seems a lot more interesting and attractive than the girl in Boots. Maybe it’s the b...

Best Man speech – not all advice is good advice

24th February 2021
The internet is awash with tips, tricks, hints and secret formulas to make your best man speech the most amazingly drop dead all time success in the whole history of weddings. Which is great, the only thing is, the internet isn’t that great someti...

The groom speech pitfalls

20th February 2021
Although I have extensively documented the fact that there’s nothing we fear more than public speaking, I’ve given little time to the other notable factoid that there’s nothing most grown love more than talking about themselves. Yes, we may not li...

Best man speech – ultimate lapses of judgement

18th February 2021
I write for pretty much every type of bloke in the world. Some are shy, some are super confident, others are creative, many are very business minded, a lot work with their hands, and some are even writers. Yes, best men come in all shapes and size...

Groom speech – stand and deliver

15th February 2021
There is a statistic somewhere from a research project in America that confirms more people are scared of the thought of public speaking than they are the thought of death. I see this week in week out – very confident, successful and accomplished ...
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