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Groom speech gift dilemma

8th February 2021
Everyone loves a present. As a grown up, you’re supposed to sign up to the mantra that giving is so much more pleasurable than receiving, which is of course, nonsense. Nothing beats the feeling of unwrapping something truly wonderful, that you wou...

The groom speech – a balancing act

5th February 2021
We’ve all lived with Coronavirus for nearly a year now, and have spent the last 12 months rearranging what normal means to us, and will spend the next 10 years trying to get our old normal back again. Just like those war time enthusiasts who like ...

Groom speech - second time round

2nd February 2021
The Coronavirus has been responsible for many things, but when that guy from the Wuhan lab decided to make a few extra quid by selling a some sort of infected jellyfish at the local market, little did he know what affect that would have on the glo...

Father of the bride speech when you’re not the father

18th January 2021
There are a few reasons why the bride’s father doesn’t make a speech, and none of them are particularly pleasant. Unfortunately the most common one is that he’s passed away and that in itself brings about some really difficult elements to the day....

A booze assisted groom speech?

12th January 2021
We’ve seen many reports over the last few months that tell us how much more we’re drinking thanks to COVID-19 and the roll over lockdowns. It seems as though most of Britain has little idea of what to do with their endless pyjama days than roll ou...

Groom speech for a step father

8th January 2021
As I’ve mentioned in several blog posts, just about the rarest groom speech I write is for two sets of first time marrying couple with two intact sets of parents. Couples have been marrying later in life for the last 25 years, although that’s a tr...

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