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father of the bride speech jokes

how to make your father of the bride speech funny

The best way to start is by ignoring everything you’ve seen on the internet or heard at wedding up until this point

If you are thinking about the bit where you ask the happy couple to lay their hands on one another. Stop! If you’re thinking about the ‘yes dear’ gag. Stop! And if you’re considering the ‘aisle, alter, you’. Seriously reconsider.

Great comedy always comes from well observed points about the person in question…and you should have plenty of those

The Perfect Approach to Funny

Forget one liners, hackneyed cliches and internet ice breakers, what we’re looking for here is the comedy gold that buried in the story of you and you daughter. Think of the stories and how they can be condensed into just a couple of lines. What makes them funny to you? Take the ‘ funny essence ’ from those anecdotes and us it to describe her character as a whole. For instance what did she do at school that you can draw a parallel to in her adult life?

hints and tips to keep in mind


By all means utilise great stories, but remember not to get bogged down with specifics. for instance, setting the scene is important, but it doesn’t add to things if you include the month it happened or the weather on that day. Keep your audience listening and go route one to the funny bits.

Little digs

There’s a fine line to tread here between well meaning comedy and lines that will come across as unkind and awkward. The humour needs to include everybody, where the happy couple will be giggling just as much as the other guests.

Keep it clean

You know and we know that certain things are hilarious no matter what age you are. But try to rise above any vulgar stuff in reference to the stag do – what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, polish your halo and stay squeaky clean

Love life

Unlike the best man, this is fair game for the dad. Just keep it light and don’t go into any detail. Referring disparagingly to former loves by their cars, hair styles or accents etc can work wonders.

Son in Law

This is ripe territory if you like him, and even better if you’re not that keen. A common thread would be sport, which could easily be used for great comedic effect and also for a few well aimed potshots.

Involving the guests

Think about where the guests have come from, how far they’ve travelled and whether or not this would be their first wedding in your country and dig the comedy out of that. If the best man has a certain trait, fire one off at him and if you can have some fun with his parents.


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