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Groom Speech - Saying it in triplicate

18th April 2024
I’ve always worked on the principle that it’s better to do something well once, rather than have a few, less proficient stabs at it. Marriage and bungee jumping are two cases in point – nothing would be more unpleasant than being splattered on to ...

Best Man Speech - the cake isn't just in tears, it's got PTSD

14th March 2024
Best man speech jokes go back a long way. Ever since people decided it was a great idea to get married, there has been somebody, usually a disenfranchised man in his later youthful years, that wants to celebrate the occasion with ‘comedy’. I use t...

Father of the bride speech - the fear of public speaking

26th February 2024
Whilst very few people relish the idea of public speaking…make that seems that wedding speeches provide the perfect storm when it comes to talking out loud in front of other people. Firstly, there’s a requirement to be funny. Regardless...

Groom Speech - speeches before the meal

17th February 2024
I’ve been writing wedding speeches for quite a long time now, and in all the years I’ve been doing it, I’ve never once spoken to a client who’s actually been looking forward to it. We all accept that speaking in public is one of the greatest fears...

Father of the bride speech - opportunity knocks

4th February 2024
Whenever I talk to clients, they are usually like to emphasis just how much they don’t enjoy public speaking, and how much they really would like this speech to be as short and sweet as possible. I totally understand those emotions -  I alway...

Robots in disguise - we need to talk about AI

16th January 2024
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it can’t have escaped your notice that Artificial Intelligence has fully manifested itself in the mainstream. Yes, we’ve had it in our lives for years, but nobody really appreciates the AI function behind ho...

Drop the mic - the ultimate guide to being a great MC

16th January 2024
  Introduction As a wedding Master of Ceremonies (MC), you're not just the host: you're the pulse of the celebration. Your role is vast, from ensuring the smooth flow of the ceremony to injecting energy into the festivities and making sure ...

The Definitive British Guide to Suit Shopping for Grooms

16th January 2024
The last time I counted, grooms have on average about 2 million things to organise for the big day, and that’s in no small way because they want to introduce a granular level of detail, that makes Operation Barbarossa, look like an afternoon hike....

Best Men - organise your way to happiness

16th January 2024
 I have been writing wedding speeches for a long time now, and I can’t ever remember having a conversation with someone who informed me how excited and enthusiastic they were to be speaking in front of a room full of people. Public speaking i...

The worst Best man speech jokes and why you should never use them

24th October 2023
Being a best man is a tricky business. Most best men are elected to that exulted position in the busiest time of their adult lives; I like to think you’re not really a best man unless you’re changing jobs, moving house, expecting a baby, and plann...

Best Man Speech - resist the urge to race

20th March 2023
Most people don’t want to make a best man speech. They’re overwhelmed with anxiety about standing up of people and speaking, and paralysed with fear about making those people laugh. It’s little wonder that with that heady cocktail of emotions, som...

Groom speech - death by detail

15th March 2023
There are many pitfalls to a groom speech, but perhaps the biggest trap for any speech, especially wedding speeches, is their length. A speech can be completely boring, and totally devoid of humour, but if it’s only 4 minutes, then it can be forgi...
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