If you're not sure where to begin or what to say in your father of the bride speech, then why not commission me to help you?

The Father of the Bride Speech can be a very difficult speech to write and also give on the day if you don’t give it some careful thought and preparation. It’s such a huge moment that trying to say exactly how you feel, whilst striking a neat balance with some humour  can almost seem impossible. And usually finding the time to devote to it is the hardest factor of all.

I love writing speeches and I’d love to help you. Here’s a short film about how I could help you, why so many people use me as a speech writer, and why it could be the best idea you’ve ever had.

Taz, Scotland

My daughter was the happiest girl in the world after i gave my speech and I was congratulated by almost every single person on the fact that it was the best father of the bride speech that they have ever had. I can’t thank Adrian enough for the great speech that he wrote for me.

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How I approach the father of the bride speech

The trick with a great Father of the Bride speech is to celebrate your daughter in the most subtle way possible. It’s about describing her personality and what makes her special, without resorting to listing accolades, accomplishments and achievements. You also need to embrace (emotionally not physically) your new son in law, other family members, and kick the section of speeches off leaving everyone excited about what’s to come, not dreading it.

Humour is the magic ingredient and I always aim to add as much as I can to act as a good balance for the more profound things you’d like to say. And of course I pitch it at just the right length to ensure complete success!