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Don't let your best man speech spoil your Christmas

22nd December 2020
That may seem like an overly dramatic thought, but every single summer I speak to best men who tell me that whilst they were sat eating their Christmas dinner, their mind flashed to the best man speech they had to make in 5 months time. Yes, it ge...

Still popping the question on Christmas Eve?

19th December 2020
There's no doubt about it, Christmas Eve is one of the two biggest days for popping the question. It shares the limelight with close bedfellow New Year's Eve, and the only thing that separates them is one week and the fact that most people can't r...

Start writing your father of the bride speech 30 years in advance

15th December 2020
I have to accept that as handy speechwriting tips go, this one is going to be only really useful to those people who have just become fathers, and let's face it: they've probably got other things on their mind. The only problem is, when it's your...

Best man speech from a child

13th December 2020
As we've seen in years gone by there are some things that children are great at that grown ups find difficult, like pickpocketing, and cleaning the inside of chimneys. On the whole though, adults do things better, just by virtue of the fact they'...

COVID Best Man Speech - Death by analogy

11th December 2020
As if this year hasn't been bad enough with wholesale misery, impending financial doom, soaring unemployment, legions of school children who can't spell GCSE, and some old people dying with a nasty cough, we have now reached an all time low: the...

Groom speech...thanks...a lot!

9th December 2020
It's not often that you're asked to stand up in front of room full of people and say lovely things about them, in fact when it does happen it usually means they're either leaving their job, or have just died. So, the groom speech presents itself ...

Father of the bride speech- kicking things off

7th December 2020
Every wedding speech has its own demands and expectations - the groom speech has got to be heartfelt, the best man speech is there for the entertainment, and the father of the bride speech celebrates the bride in a combination of the two. However...

Groom speech second time round

7th December 2020
Very recently I ticked another first in the world of All Speeches Great and Small, by being asked to write a groom speech for someone I had already penned one for about 7 years ago. It should come as no surprise to me that not all the relationshi...

Best Man Speeches - what to avoid in 2021

2nd December 2020
Best man speeches have always been comedy minefields...there is so much that can go wrong when Dave from IT support turns into a stand up for the afternoon, in fact so much so, that the entertainment becomes just how wrong he can get it. The best...

Best man speeches of the future

25th November 2020
There is a temptation to think that Coronavirus will forever change the people we are and how we interact with each other. Very early on in the pandemic, a media that just didn't have anything to write about - nothing it was good at anyway, decid...

Groom speech: you are now the main event

17th November 2020
Having heard about the empty threats to cancel Christmas ever since I was a young boy, it now seems the impossible may well happen, and that our favourite party of the year could be canned. Science people who have no understanding of life outside...

Best Man Speech - The COVID question

10th November 2020
Now we are on the cusp on recovery, thanks to a vaccine injecting hope into the world for the first time since anyone can remember, it will soon be time to think about wedding speeches again, and for many that's about as welcome as a head butt. W...
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