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Who we are.

Adrian Simpson
Word Engineering

Adrian Simpson

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Amy Pearson
Phones and Swearing

Amy Pearson

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This Has Been Years In The Making

We started All Speeches Great and Small around 2012, but really the foundations for the company were laid over 20 years ago when Adrian began his writing career as a magazine journalist in London.

  • 1998

    Having graduated, travelled and worked abroad, Adrian began his writing career as a motoring journalist for Dennis Publishing. It was a lot of fun and unbelievably poorly paid.
  • 2000

    Adrian left print journalism to work in broadcast television as a presenter on BBC Top Gear. This led to a 15 year career in television which saw him front shows for all the major channels. It was here that he honed his script writing skills.
  • 2012

    As the years passed Adrian was writing more and more speeches for his work, and also regularly being asked to write for others. It was from this that the idea of a speech writing company was formed, and needing a side kick roped in Amy.
  • 2014

    Having operated off grid on word of mouth for 2 years and with the business becoming busier and busier, the first All Speeches website was launched and the company went online.
  • 2019

    We celebrated 5 years of running our business online and racking more reviews than any other speech writer on the planet. We still love what we do, and the difference it makes, just as much as we did when we wrote our first speeches all those years ago. Onwards!



We Always Ensure That Every Client Has A 5 Star Service

It means a lot to us that you're entrusting us with one of the most important speeches that you're ever going to make. We never lose sight of how big that is, and so we'll always do everything and anything we can make sure you're happy. From always being on the end of the phone to answering last minute emails at ungodly hours - we've got this!

Our Philosophy


Original & Funny
Forget wedding cliches, and all those dodgy all jokes you've heard before, that's an outdated and old school approach that we've never bought into. All our speeches are approached in a fresh, creative and original way, so that the guests are captivated right from the word go. We don't do boring.


We're Here For You!
We realise what a big deal this speech is for you, and that's why we commit ourselves to be with you every step of the way. We'll always pick up the phone and respond to emails by return. This modern phenomenon of taking 3 days to get back to people just isn't us. It's rude.


This Time It's Personal
These speeches have to be authentic and personal otherwise the service just couldn't work. We take time to understand from your answers who you are and what you're about, and that will dictate words and phrases that we think will work for you. It should sound like you, but on a really good day!


Our Reputation
Our reputation means everything to us, after all it's how most people judge us and so commit to using our services. We believe in what we do and that's why very happy to subscribe to an independent review system that allows others to get an insight into the way we work. We now have over 300 verified reviews.
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