A Little About Me…

My name is Adrian Simpson and I’m a Speechwriter – but it hasn’t always been this way. So how did I become a wedding speechwriter? Well, I started out as broadcaster presenting and writing for BBC Top Gear and over the years have hosted many prime time shows for all the major channels. So, I’ve learned the hard way, that making words work on a page and making them work to be heard, can be two very different things. But it’s not just the art of writing I’ve honed, it’s also how to be funny. I’ve spent a lifetime working on that one – there wasn’t much opportunity to express it filming by a body bag on Police Camera Action and so working as a speech writer is the perfect vent for writing things to make other people laugh.

How can a Speech Writer make it sound like ‘me’?

This is a question I’m asked a lot, especially by clients overseas who are understandably sceptical that a guy over the UK can somehow adapt styles to suit their personality. Well, I’ve spent much of the last twenty years interviewing and presenting so I have a very developed sense of who people are and how they present themselves. I use the conversations we have together, where you live, your job, and all the other information you provide to write in a style that works just for you.

There are loads of things I’m not so great at like speed chess and hula hoop, but when it comes to getting to grips with you; that’s my bag

Please feel to browse some of the tips, hints and examples and if you have any questions regarding speeches then your are more then welcome to contact me.