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Groom speech - your new year's resolution

As the new year dawns, and you inevitably begin to think about the wedding that's in the far off distant haze of summer, you might be comforted by the fact that there's at least 6 months until you make your groom speech. A buffer of half a year might seem like an eternity, but in reality it's about 5 minutes. Blink, and it will be Easter, and then things will start moving at hyper speed, as you witness the full force of your wedding date unrelentingly careering towards you.

In other words, if you have a groom speech to make this year, the biggest favour you can do yourself is to get it wrapped up as soon as possible, because before too long you'll be so busy with preparations that the idea of sitting down and writing a speech will seem unthinkable let alone doable. When it comes to being a groom two things usually bother them more than any others: the first dance, and the speech. So, it makes sense to think about those things well in advance, and mitigate any fears you might have as much as possible.

Start writing your groom speech as early as possible, because  not only will it give you all the time to edit it down into the perfect speech, but it will also give you plenty of time to learn the speech, and so on the day your delivery should be faultless. So many people say to me they could have written their own speech but they ran out of time, and many others say how worried they are about the delivery. Both of these things are avoided if you start your speech as early as possible, and what better month than Dry January - a month which is notorious for not very much happening at all. 


Written By
Adrian Simpson
4 Jan, 2022

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