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Covid 19 Shotgun Wedding

5th October 2020
THE COMPLETELY LEGAL WAY TO HAVE AS MANY GUESTS AS YOU LIKE AT YOUR WEDDING RECEPTION NOW. As we are all well aware, meeting each other and having a good time has never been so tricky. In fact, it’s largely illegal. You can only be amassed in gro...

Boris hasn't been this confused since Father's Day

2nd October 2020
FAKE PLASTIC NEWS Boris Johnson spoke in Parliament this week, to confirm his belief that even if he doesn’t have clue, and neither does his dad, that most other people somehow understand his Covid-19 restrictions. It came only hours after his ca...

Man accidentally marries horse

29th May 2020
Derek Bludger from Hull was left fuming yesterday after his poor eyesight led him to say 'I do' to a massive horse. 'I'm furious to be honest with you' he steamed 'if the bloody government had come out with their lockdown eye test advice sooner, ...

Michael Gove to donate brain for best man robot

27th May 2020
Bob Geldof like many wise men, have said all along that although we're living in straightened times with the Coronavirus, something good would come out of it, and he's only gone and proved himself right. Scientists and engineers at London's Imper...

Is it OK to joke about COVID?

26th May 2020
We live in a free and liberal world - mostly - and so it would seem on the face of it that anything is fair game for a laugh. Religion, politics and relationships are the regular butts of jokes, and by and large they all work. However, there are ...

The only type of best man speech

25th May 2020
There is only one type of best man speech...and that's a really funny one. I often speak to guys who say that all they want to do is get up there, say a few lovely words about the bride and groom, toast them and sit down. Well, do so and repent a...

Fake plastic...telegrammes

20th May 2020
So many best men that I write for all say the same thing: 'I haven't got anything to say!', and this can be for a whole variety of reason. Sometimes you really don't know the groom that well, you maybe haven't hung out with him for years, maybe h...


13th May 2020
  Obviously as we're all sitting at home eating biscuits, watching box sets and trying to work out things like 'why isn't Father Christmas a main player in the Bible', there isn't much appetite for weddings.   No bride in the world wants to get...

Best Man Speech for Brother of Groom

8th January 2019
There's a saying that you should write about what you know, because obviously it's much easier to be more accurate, convincing and engaging when you're a slight expert on the subject. So, on the face of it, writing a best man  speech for your brot...

Groom Speech Help!

8th January 2019
Are you ready for the big performance?   It's about this time of year that Grooms the world over start thinking about THAT speech. Christmas, has been and gone, there are no baubles to hide behind anymore. What you've been putting off thinking a...

The Best Wedding Speech Advice Ever

6th January 2019
Anyone reading this thinking that I'm about to give you the magic formula for writing a great wedding speech is going to be a little disappointed but I can give you some advice which WILL save you a lot of stress, trauma and sleepless nights. It's...

How To Write Wedding Speeches

4th January 2019
Wedding Speeches - two little words, that actually cause an awful lot of frustration, trauma, and pressure for those involved. If you think that that's an overstatement, I talk to people every single week of the year who have to make a wedding spe...
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