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13th May 2020
  Obviously as we're all sitting at home eating biscuits, watching box sets and trying to work out things like 'why isn't Father Christmas a main player in the Bible', there isn't much appetite for weddings.   No bride in the world wants to get...

Best Man Speech for Brother of Groom

8th January 2019
There's a saying that you should write about what you know, because obviously it's much easier to be more accurate, convincing and engaging when you're a slight expert on the subject. So, on the face of it, writing a best man  speech for your brot...

Groom Speech Help!

8th January 2019
Are you ready for the big performance?  It's about this time of year that Grooms the world over start thinking about THAT speech. Christmas, has been and gone, there are no baubles to hide behind anymore. What you've been putting off thinking ab...

The Best Wedding Speech Advice Ever

6th January 2019
Anyone reading this thinking that I'm about to give you the magic formula for writing a great wedding speech is going to be a little disappointed but I can give you some advice which WILL save you a lot of stress, trauma and sleepless nights. It's...

How To Write Wedding Speeches

4th January 2019
Wedding Speeches - two little words, that actually cause an awful lot of frustration, trauma, and pressure for those involved. If you think that that's an overstatement, I talk to people every single week of the year who have to make a wedding spe...

Wedding Speeches - Death By Anecdote

4th January 2019
  Most of the people I write wedding speech jokes for for are not afraid of standing up in front of people and speaking. Many jobs nowadays require everyone form IT heroes to construction site managers to communicate en masse, whether yo...

Two Best Man Speeches - The Worst Idea Ever?

2nd January 2019
  It’s becoming quite common these days to have more than one Best Man. The reason for this is mainly just good old fashioned plain cowardice; you’d rather not offend somebody, who up until that point had been laboring under the impressi...

Funny Best Man Speeches

1st January 2019
  Forget the internet  Forget the internet. If you’ve reached this point because you’ve been made best man and now you’re looking for a template to copy or cut and paste joke to steal – stop. One of the fundamental facts of life is that wha...

Wedding Speeches: Practice Makes Perfect?

1st January 2019
  Well, the short answer is: nearly always yes, but sometimes no. If this sounds a little bit confusing then bear with me. There is one sure fire way, when it comes to wedding speeches, of giving yourself the best possibility of landing ...

Best Man Speech Brother

1st January 2019
As a Best Man Speech Writer I have a gifted insight in to how grooms operate the world over. I know that the Empire State building is pretty much de rigeur when it comes to proposals, I know that well over 85% of my clients still ask for permissio...

Groom's Speech - Death By Thanks

1st January 2019
There seems to be a commonly held opinion that the groom's speech is really just a quick rifle through everyone you have ever known and thanking them personally and in precisely the same way for the part they've played in the story of your greatne...

Why using props in a Best Man Speech is the worst idea you're ever going to have

1st January 2019
Last night I watched the visual smorgasbord which is The Eurovision Song Contest. It is a bonkers but nonetheless thoroughly entertaining romp around Europe and for some reason Australia, and it proved that in a super groovy high tech digital age,...
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