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Groom speech - paid help

Even the smallest, most modest wedding undoubtedly has an awful lot of planning and preparation. If your guest list numbers just 30, that's still 30 meals that have to be organised, 30 people to entertain, and 30 people to move around. It's little wonder that wedding planners do great business and charge handsomely for their time and devotion. Happy couples will spend huge amounts of time talking with these professionals, and this is where the lines become blurred. With such a large dollop of shared company, many people fool themselves into thinking they're your new friends, which would work if you paid people to be your friends. A wedding planner is giving you their undivided attention because you're paying for it. Nothing else.

This wedding planner Stockholm Syndrome shouldn't matter, except it does when it comes to the speeches. You have got so much to cram into a groom speech, and very little time to do it, so why would you include someone you have paid to help you? This just begin and end with wedding planners, clients I write for like to include florists, make up professionals, hair stylists and DJ's. None of these people are helping you because they love you. They see this as a transactional relationship, and so should you. 

You've got about 1400 words in a groom speech, and apart from your bride, there are parents, bridesmaids, best man, ushers and in laws to talk about, so that word count is very easily expended. So forget what you see as your new best friend, because in a year's time, they won't have a clue who you are, and they should really be thanking you.

Written By
Adrian Simpson
21 Nov, 2022

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