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groom speech - no laughing matter?

There’s a really basic equation when it comes to speeches, and that is: if you want people to listen to what you’re saying, then make it entertaining. Yes, of course the groom speech is the one time when you stand up in front of a countless people and let everyone know exactly what your bride, family and friends mean to you. That sentiment should be as original as possible, from the heart and devoid of cliché. However, if you’re planning on 8-10 minutes of heartfelt emotion, and endless thanks, you should probably think again.

Thanking is a big part of the groom speech, but a long dry list of thanks is about as interesting to listen to as someone reading out the menu, and by the end of it, the last person they’d want to thank is you. Whenever you’re making those thanks, put as much thought and creativity into it as possible, so you’re thanking people, but having some fun whilst you’re doing it. If you can think of some original humour to splice into the speech, to balance out the sentiment, then you have the perfect recipe for a speech.

I always like to have some fun when talking about the bride.  Many grooms fall into the trap of saying the same thing about the bride but in 4 different ways. Avoid repetition at all costs, and amongst the more profound parts, there should be some lighter more humorous moments – listening to a groom declare undying love for 10 minutes without any light relief is going to be a tough gig for all concerned.

Anyone who doesn’t think that humour plays an important part in a groom speech, really is missing the point. Your relationship almost certainly has its funnier, lighter side, so why wouldn’t the speech reflect that?

Written By
Adrian Simpson
14 Feb, 2023
  • Judins
    East Sussex
    TN19 7LA

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