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Best man speech - not the bride's biggest fan?

As young men make their way through life, it’s inevitable that they will find themselves, and more importantly their judgment, at loggerheads with their friends. When you’re younger, this could be simply an alternative taste when it comes to fashion. Buy a pair of shoes that are a deemed bit too whacky, and you’ll soon know all about it…get a haircut that pushes style boundaries, and the result could well be remorseless abuse.

However, nothing can stretch the limits of friendship quite like the choice of partners. Suddenly, the guy who was always there for you, ready to hit the town at the drop of a hat, is spending his time with someone much better looking, and that rejection can smart a little particularly if you’re not a fan.

Unlike someone’s choice of outfit, the unwritten rule is that you never comment openly on your friend’s choice of girlfriend. Saying what you think, rarely leads to positive outcomes and can frequently change relationships permanently. When it comes to addressing that in a best man speech, you need a mix of subtlety and honesty – you’re never going to let everyone know what you think about the bride, but at the same time, you mustn’t be overly gushing about her either, because that will come across as disingenuous. Instead, opt for the less is more approach and focus instead on how happy she makes the groom. That way you can neatly tip toe through the emotional minefield and remain friends with the groom, and a bigger man for not using the speech to score points.

Written By
Adrian Simpson
30 Jan, 2023

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