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Father of the bride speech - the dating days

When it comes to the subject of what you should include in a speech, and what’s inappropriate, I think the easiest way to determine that situation is just to think about everyday life. Would the bride have daily open conversation about the groom’s former girlfriends?…probably, not, so the best man should give that a swerve. Having received something through Amazon, would you then call them up and thank them, very much?...of course you wouldn’t, so why thank paid services in your speech?

There are quite a few no go topics when it comes to wedding speeches, and for the most part they’re pretty easy to work out and navigate. However, whilst a best man really isn’t at liberty to talk about the groom’s former love life, the father of the bride talking about his daughter’s former boyfriends can work much better.  

This obviously depends on the type of relationship you have with your daughter, and you shouldn’t go into granular detail; an overarching summary of some of the highlights can be very funny, because as we all know, teenagers make baffling decisions, and none more baffling than who they’d like to go out with. There can be some real opportunity for fun here, and only you will be able to judge if the groom would find it funny too. In fact, in my very own wedding speech, I did exactly the same thing with my now wife’s former boyfriends and it was a hit.

A father of the bride speech devoid of humour, is not only an opportunity missed, it’s also pretty hard to get through, so find your comedy where you can.

Written By
Adrian Simpson
17 Jan, 2023

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