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Groom Speech Fail

1st January 2019
This is the story of a Groom Speech Fail that was narrowly avoided. Every now and again as a wedding speech writer people contact me and ask me for their opinion on the speech they've written themselves. I never mind doing this as I'm genuinely he...

When it's good to be a Groomzilla

1st January 2019
On paper there's not much that's attractive about a man becoming so entangled in his wedding plans that he begins to actually believe the minutiae of detail such as the matching socks for senior male wedding mafia, is actually just as important as...

How to Write a Great Best Man's Speech

1st January 2019
How to write a great Best Man’s speech   For many men the idea of giving a Best Man’s speech sends them into a cold sweat; the fear of not being engaging enough, funny enough or downright interesting enough, renders the whole situation as one big ...

Best Man Speech Outline

1st January 2019
Many people have issues with writing the Best Man Speech, and for good reason - to do it well takes, skill, practice and a good helping of wit. It's little wonder that it can prove a real headache for those 'lucky' enough to be made best man. As I...

Choosing Your Best Man

1st January 2019
Your Oldest Bestest Friend as Best Man? Maybe Not. Most people would suspect that when it comes to choosing your best man, the groom goes for his long time oldest best friend, and in a lot of cases this is perfectly true. However, as somebody who ...

What Makes Great Speeches?

1st January 2019
  What Makes a Great Speech?...That's Easy I read somewhere on another speechwriter's website that the two main elements of a great speech are content and delivery. This is about as helpful and profound as saying the two main things in a chee...

Wedding Speech Fear

1st January 2019
 The fear of public speaking...   There’s a stat somewhere that says that over 75% of us are terrified of public speaking. This shouldn’t come as any surprise because for quite a lot of people it’s not something they encounter at all in their ev...

Brave Not Edgy - A Great Best Man Speech

1st January 2019
I write wedding speeches for all types of people all over thew world and if you forget for a minute the difference in social and cultural references, there is one thing that all great best man speeches should have in common: they are funny. And th...

Wedding Speeches - Less Is More

1st January 2019
With wedding speeches there's a huge temptation once you've been given those 5 minutes in the spotlight to chuck everything at it. There's a misguided belief that by turning yourself into a 20 minute one man entertainment whirlwind, something you'...

Practicing Your Best Man Speech

1st January 2019
There is no getting away from the fact that practice makes perfect. The more familiar you become with the words, the easier it is to read vast swathes without looking at a prompt card, the pauses are all worked out in your head and you're comforta...

Best Man Quotes

1st January 2019
How to Use Quotes in a Best Man Speech   Very often a few well thought out words can say so much more than a best man speech of a 1000 words, but an even better idea is to combine the two. Quotes can work brilliantly in a speech but you should l...

Best Man Speech Formats

1st January 2019
Usually one of the biggest problems with writing a best man speech is that you've got all the information but don't have a clue how to stitch it all together. Working out how to use all the stories, character traits, funny observations and anythin...
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