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Best Man in 2015?

6th January 2015
Is Your Best Man Speech Looming? Christmas is always the world's favourite time for wedding engagements, and as two blissfully in love people roll around under the Christmas tree in matching ironic Christmas jumpers and hats, there will be somebo...

Wedding, loss and laughter.

17th November 2014
Everyone loves a wedding. With great speeches, fantastic outfits and not so close relatives trying to drink their own bodyweight in table wine, you'd have to be made of wood not to get stuck into the revelry and start dancing with strangers like y...

A Week in Speech

4th September 2014
Ramblings from the laptop...  If at some point you’ve had any real fantasy about becoming Father Christmas, then I can safely say from experiencing one aspect of the job remit, that it’s really rather great. Santa, has the insight in to fami...

The World Cup and Your Wedding

30th June 2014
England’s almost nonexistent part in Brazil 2014 is about as miserable as it gets for many English international sports fans. However, as Rooney et al console themselves in the Caribbean grazing on lobster, it must have come as a huge relief to ma...
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