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Fancy Dress Weddings - The Final Insult

1st January 2019
    Here’s a tip when organizing your wedding: you know those people who’ve made such a great effort to be there? Well, they have feelings too. It’s very easy to get carried away with the whole idea of planning your big day. Many people ...

Stag Do...actually Stag Don't.

1st January 2019
The great thing about youth is that you're either so drunk the whole time or so completely emotionally incomplete, that not only do you find traffic cones hilarious, you're convinced other people will find stories about them equally rib tickling. ...

Two Great Ways To Ruin A Wedding Speech

1st January 2019
Don't need help with a wedding speech? Think again...   Everybody could do with just a little with a little wedding speech help because there are two creeping trends into modern weddings that make it virtually impossible for the guests to enj...

How To Deliver a Great Speech

1st January 2019
Unless you're made of circuit boards, and have an ultra fast processor where your heart should be, you're probably feeling a little worked up about the prospect of delivering a speech. Most of us don't have to communicate in that way, and if we do...

Talk About Being Best Man

1st January 2019
Probably the most cliched and pointless of all the well trodden ways of attacking a Best man's Speech is to spend a huge chunk of the speech talking about being the best man. For me this is about as close as it gets to admitting you simply couldn'...

Hiring A Speech Writer

1st January 2019
Who is Hiring A Speech Writer? Hiring a speech writer is not a new phenomenon but the people who are getting in touch with us are changing almost yearly. You see, there was a time way back when hiring a speech writer was just for the the connected...

How To Deliver A Groom's Speech

1st January 2019
The Big Moment Arrives...   The wedding ceremony is out of the way, the photographs have been taken and all that stands between you and two weeks on a beach is the most important speech you’ll ever make in your life. For the Groom it is the o...

How to write a Maid of Honor Speech

1st January 2019
Where to start? The battle of the sexes has been a fraught and sometimes bloody conflict but happily after centuries of being held back, prevented and down trodden, women have the vote, are allowed to drive cars and follow a career. The Second Wor...

Writing a Wedding Toast

1st January 2019
A Wedding Toast? There have always been quite a few subtle differences between us Brits and our American cousins in many walks of life, and writing a wedding toast is no exception. However, weddings in general are something that divide our two nat...

Funny Business - Writing Comedy

1st January 2019
Last year I received something truly horrific in my inbox. It wasn't a threat to enlarge my penis, nor was it the Lagos Mafia asking if I wouldn't mind a share of few million quid. No, it was much worse than that - it was a really shit speech. You...

How To Propose

1st January 2019
  It's the one thing that the women all over the world have absolutely no control over, and left up to their own devices and using all their skill, expertise and planning, it's the one thing that men the world over manage to get spectacularly...

How to deliver a Great Best Man Speech

1st January 2019
How to deliver a great best man’s speech   It’s one of the things that most grown men dread thinking about: how to deliver a Best Man speech. They tend to love organising the stag weekend and being part of the ‘wedding mafia’ on the day but t...
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