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Wedding speeches: hecklers

1st January 2019
    It’s a known fact that most grown men would rather wrestle a tiger in their underpants than stand up in front of a crowd of people and speak for five minutes. This is understandable as, apart from our own families, many go out of the...

Rupert Murdoch's Groom Speech

1st January 2019
Groom speeches are not easy at the best of times. usually there are a few tiffs with family members to consider, a couple of 'no go' areas, or estranged parents attending with their new, separate partners. So spare a thought for billionaire media ...

Best Man Brother Speech

13th December 2017
How to Write a Speech for Your Brother Yes he's either spent years following you around, borrowing your things being annoying, or he's been the younger kid that you used to get to do dangerous things to see how much he could hurt himself, and now ...

Best Man Speech Clinic

11th May 2017
Nothing beats a really great speech, and of course practicing it is key to really doing it justice on the day, but how can you be sure you've got the performance spot on? Most guys will line up family, friends and even pets, on whom they can infli...

The Importance of Being Earners

19th April 2017
Generally speaking I like to work. I do love my job and I'm very lucky in that respect, however, I never lose sight of the fact that without the income that it so handily provides my family with, I wouldn't be able to buy things like loo roll, Foi...

If you haven't got anything to say...just keep talking

9th March 2017
Today I received a notice from Facebook that I haven't posted anything on one of my pages for 20 days, it was a gentle reminder that in a world which is daily blizzard of digital content I'm letting the side down. Fine, I'll write something but I ...

International Rescue - From Romania with love.

8th February 2017
The internet is undoubtedly a great resource when it comes to finding Russian ladies who are single and interested in marrying somebody much older with a face several divisions below their own. Quite why all these beauties who were once hidden beh...

Social Media: The truth...please somebody tell me the truth.

25th January 2017
This week, after waiting a full ten years for Facebook to prove itself and iron out any teething issues, I finally joined the social networking site. This was in no way due to a sudden realisation that I'd been depriving myself of close friends' s...

The Wedding planning Journey

19th September 2016
The advent of seminal television classics such as ITV's X Factor, has allowed the modern world to reexamine the word 'journey'. Thanks to thousands of desperate hopefuls planning on giving up their day job at Tesco and launching themselves as the ...

Best Man in 2015?

6th January 2015
Is Your Best Man Speech Looming? Christmas is always the world's favourite time for wedding engagements, and as two blissfully in love people roll around under the Christmas tree in matching ironic Christmas jumpers and hats, there will be somebod...

Wedding, loss and laughter.

17th November 2014
Everyone loves a wedding. With great speeches, fantastic outfits and not so close relatives trying to drink their own bodyweight in table wine, you'd have to be made of wood not to get stuck into the revelry and start dancing with strangers like y...

A Week in Speech

4th September 2014
Ramblings from the laptop...   If at some point you’ve had any real fantasy about becoming Father Christmas, then I can safely say from experiencing one aspect of the job remit, that it’s really rather great. Santa, has the insight in to fami...
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