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Best Man Speech Clinic

Nothing beats a really great speech, and of course practicing it is key to really doing it justice on the day, but how can you be sure you've got the performance spot on? Most guys will line up family, friends and even pets, on whom they can inflict the fruits of their creative labour. There is, however, a huge problem with this approach and that's mainly if you appoint somebody as a critic, they usually revel in the role and start pulling the speech apart for the sake of it. Perfectly great lines and conceits are cut because somebody's partner didn't like it, or hadn't heard of Guantanamo Bay.
But what if there was a service whereby you could rock up, practice your speech in front of similarly nervous Best Men, have a professional speech writer guide you on performance and content tweaks, and then go home safe in the knowledge that you don't have to share it with anyone else until the big day? Well, here it is: The Best Man Speech Clinic.
Every Monday evening in a place they call London Bridge, for two whole hours you can hone your delivery and fine tune your speech with my expertise and share your hopes and fears with other guys in exactly the same situation as you. All it costs is £45, and for that you get a selection of classically flavoured crisps and a couple of beers, which you can either enjoy gently through the session or nail them all in one for a huge but short lived confidence boost.
Just complete the form below quoting Best Man Speech Clinic and we'll book you in and give you the details.
Come along and make your speech the best it can be. Whichever way you look at it: it's going to be interesting!

Written By
Adrian Simpson
11 May, 2017

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