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Best man speech - not the bride's biggest fan?

30th January 2023
As young men make their way through life, it’s inevitable that they will find themselves, and more importantly their judgment, at loggerheads with their friends. When you’re younger, this could be simply an alternative taste when it comes to fashi...

Groom speech - a toast to the ushers?

23rd January 2023
As I have written many times before, there are a lot of wedding traditions that seem to be slipping away, and by and large, that’s a fairly good thing. Nobody really needs to hear the best man respond to the groom’s toast to the bridesmaids, altho...

Father of the bride speech - the dating days

17th January 2023
When it comes to the subject of what you should include in a speech, and what’s inappropriate, I think the easiest way to determine that situation is just to think about everyday life. Would the bride have daily open conversation about the groom’s...

Father of the bride speech - a funny old game

11th January 2023
Many years ago, when I entered the working world, I very quickly came to the conclusion that I was ideally unsuited to communicating in a corporate way. Every time I found myself in a serious conversation or meeting, I spent most of my time thinki...

Best man speech - don't kick it down the road

4th January 2023
There weren’t many upsides to a global pandemic, but for best men all around the world, it was the most unbelievable, unexpected and glorious reprieve they could have wished for. Suddenly, out of nowhere, they had a stay of execution, and that gri...

Groom speech - a stunning surprise?

10th December 2022
It seems to me that there are a few words that only seem to make an appearance on specific special occasions. We can quite happily go our whole lives without using the word ‘brickbat’, but when a journalist uses it to describe a political strategy...

Best man speeches - permission to speak

1st December 2022
It’s no secret that best men the world over ‘enjoy’ a patchy reputation. For the most part, best man speeches are entertaining, moving and enjoyable, and a much loved part of the wedding day. However, there has always been the more miscreant eleme...

Groom speech - paid help

21st November 2022
Even the smallest, most modest wedding undoubtedly has an awful lot of planning and preparation. If your guest list numbers just 30, that's still 30 meals that have to be organised, 30 people to entertain, and 30 people to move around. It's little...

Groom Speech - those no longer with us

12th November 2022
Weddings are usually very jolly occasions - you get to spend time with a huge number of people you rarely get to see, some of whom you actually enjoy spending time with. However, there's nothing like a wedding to throw a spotlight on to who's not ...

Father of the bride - wedding advice

1st November 2022
I spend most of my working life writing father of the speeches that have a backdrop of love and happiness, however, as much as we'd like to gloss over it, quite a few of those marriages don't go the distance. I was pretty amazed to discover recent...

best man speech - 3 common mistakes

20th October 2022
There are so many ways to get speeches wrong, and when it comes to best man speeches, you might be thinking that those reasons are pretty obvious: crass, inappropriate, lewd rantings from someone whose  IQ almost equals the number of beers he...

Father of the bride speech - sibling rivalry

12th October 2022
I once heard a very funny radio interview with a guy, who was once asked by his wife which of the children he loved the most. He said he loved them both equally, but then admitted he'd lied, and that he loved his sin much more. Obviously, there is...
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