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A Modern Groom speech?

Having written a groom speech for a client recently, I was then asked if I could make it more 'modern'. In all my years of writing groom speeches, I have never been more confused. I don't have much time for pomp and tradition in wedding speeches, because if anything, it's all a bit confusing - like the best man having to respond on behalf of the bridesmaids toast etc. However, this guy really had me baffled. Just what does more modern look like? Should I be speaking in more hip phrases, should I be referencing modern day icons like Jedward? So, I asked him again if he could be more specific. He just said he'd like it more 'modern'.

Well, this was very confusing, so then he elaborated by saying that he didn't care what 'had' to be in the speech, he just wanted to talk about what he wanted to talk about. Ok, fair enough, but if you're not going to talk about the best man, bridesmaids, parents, ushers and guests who have travelled far and wide, what exactly are you going to fill your time with? A groom speech that talks exclusively about the bride for 10 minutes is rather missing the point. It's not modern, it's incredibly misjudged. 

Yes, there are lots of traditions you can dispense with, but the groom speech is a unique opportunity to talk about so many important people in your life, and if you miss that, then you will be kicking yourself for a long time to come. Grooms intent on putting their own stamp on things at the expense of what really should be done, are going to regret their myopic outlook on things. Don't be one of them

Written By
Adrian Simpson
11 Aug, 2021

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