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The Wedding planning Journey

The advent of seminal television classics such as ITV's X Factor, has allowed the modern world to reexamine the word 'journey'. Thanks to thousands of desperate hopefuls planning on giving up their day job at Tesco and launching themselves as the next Taylor Swift, we now use this word to describe the mental transition between one state and another. Quite often with shows like X Factor this 'journey' is very much a round trip and involves going from despair to world beating elation back to despair full time at Greggs' again, but no matter what the shape of your 'journey' is, we're all making them and they don't actually involve moving anywhere.
So with that firmly in mind it's time to celebrate and sing Hosanna for the people at who have decide to give a boost to everyone's marriage journey by launching the The Wedding Planning Journey   . This new site is a one stop shop when it comes to finding the expert help, support and guidance needed to make sure your wedding plans are organised to the very last detail. And I mean EVERY detail.
All weddings start with a proposal and so that's where the The Wedding Planning Journey begins its help, with expert advice and contacts for ring choice, financing and even how to pop the question. If you have no idea about diamonds, then this site will put you in touch with the people who do, and so it continues right through the build up to the big day, with endless information on everything from how to keep in shape for those photographs, to setting dates, getting your teeth lovely and shiny, to venues, speeches, honeymoons and even tips on how to change your name once it's all over.
The best feature of this brand new site is that all the info is accessible through a one page scroller and finding just what you're looking for comes in a very intuitive, logical fashion. And there's so much information - everything you could think of, and just as much that's probably never occurred to you. All in all a very useful tool for anyone at any stage of the marriage process.
Written By
Adrian Simpson
19 Sep, 2016
  • Judins
    East Sussex
    TN19 7LA

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