Groom Speech Examples

Groom Speech Examples…

The first thing to remember…this is not ‘just a groom’s speech…’

Every speech you can think of is all the better for humour and inventiveness  and the groom’s speech is no different. If you go by the examples you’ll find online, you’ll no doubt end up with a procession of thank you’s and a manufactured tear jerky end to it all, but it can be much better than that…so much better.

This is your one chance to say something meaningful about people who really matter in your life, so there needs to be some balance. A speech which exclusively talks about how great your new wife is will grate and wear pretty thin, pretty quickly. On this page I’ve laid out some tips and hints for you to think about when writing your own groom’s speech, but you need to be thinking of originality and most importantly humour!

The most effective way to use any Groom Speech examples, is to use them as a framework and inspiration for your own efforts.

Think how they can be adapted and moulded for your wedding and try to give those examples the originality your speech deserves.

The worst thing you can do is to buy a template and then plug in a lot of cuts and paste jokes and one liners from the internet, because all of them are about 100 years old and were never that funny in the first place.

There are a lot of targets to hit in a Groom’s Speech and a good template or example speech should take you through all those people who need to mentioned, how to mention them and above all what to avoid.

Think funny, think original, think balance…and you’re on to a winner

Below are six things to think about when looking through Groom’s Speech Examples, but by far the most important thing to remember is: if it’s boring to practice then be honest with yourself – it’s not good enough.
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Nothing will slow your speech down more effectively than handing out countless gifts to the best man, ushers and bridesmaids. It’s excruciatingly dull to watch and makes your speech become an epic journey of words and massive pauses. Remember: as soon as you stop talking, you’ve lost their attention.

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The Groom has all the toasts to make. There are generally a maximum of four toasts and you should try to get through these as snappily as possible. Please don’t make guests stand for the toasts as they’ll be up and down like an oompah band.

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A good example of a Groom’s Speech is just that: an example. A template or example needs to be thought of as as framework rather than a concrete finished article. Work out what the template is giving you and then spend time adapting it for your guests, family and bride.

A Good Groom’s Speech – the very best Groom’s Speeches are light on detail, are not overly smothered with emotion and entertain the guests. If you feel yourself being bogged down in heartfelt sentiment or have recounted your first date in real time, then start editing!

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Depending on family circumstances, the parents on both sides should get a good mention in the speech. Don’t fall into the usual trap of mentioning your own mum and dad in a few words and then going large on your new in laws.

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You shouldn’t be up there for any more than 10 minutes and this should include all the stoppages for laughter, applause and heckles. If you’re reading this in a slow and thoughtful way you should be looking at around 1000 to 1300 words, so if your template or examples are taking you way above that you need to keep it in check.

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A great quality template, and by that I mean one you pay for, is easily the best guide and platform to launch your very own creative genius. If you opt for a free one, then you’ll simply be knocking out the same old lines everyone’s heard before.

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