Father of the Bride Speech Structure

So How to Structure your Father of The Bride Speech?

Your daughter is the star of the show but this is not a real time account of your daughter’s life, loves and achievements.

You need a strong, funny, warm introduction and then build a pathway to your daughter’s story.

Avoid writing a ten minute ‘wall of speech’ around your daughter and try if possible to follow a logical timeline when it comes to her life.

Don’t forget to balance the content by bringing in other people to the speech who are important in the story, and most importantly your new son in law.

And when it comes to structure, nothing makes a speech flow better than well observed humour throughout.

The Perfect Structure

The perfect father of the bride speech structure should be simple and refined. Don’t over complicate things with props or long jokes that have absolutely nothing to do with the wedding – you’ll be making a tricky task even trickier. Think very carefully about who you need to mention, and cross check that list with the groom. The last thing anyone needs is hearing how great somebody is…twice. Then work those people either into the start or the end of your speech and work how to build your introduction, thanks and welcome.From here you should move into the main body of acknowledgements, and then it’s all about your daughter.


The groom has the lion’s share of the toasts and you should only be looking at making a general one at the end. I do recommend the father of the bride making ‘the absent friends’ toast to give the groom a bit of a break.

One Big Family

You should really be looking to say something, hopefully warm and funny, about the other set of parents. If you don’t have a great relationship keep it light and positive all the same.


In order to make your speech easy to read and easier to understand, it should be divided into small paragraphs that bounce from one to another. If you look at the page and there are huge chunks of text, then it’s time to think again.


You’re first up, so you should be looking to make a positive, assured and funny intro to kick thing off.So don’t leave it too long before you make them laugh, and forget telling them how nervous you are!


A great way to work through the structure is to think about length. You shouldn’t be above 1300 words and so by breaking the speech down into 100 blocks you can then piece them all back together again, ensuring that all key players have been addressed.

Start to Finish

Beginning, middle, end – it’s a cliche but it works. If you can think of what these three blocks look like for overall content and then how to link them together, you already have the main backbone of the speech.

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