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Best man speech - don't kick it down the road

There weren’t many upsides to a global pandemic, but for best men all around the world, it was the most unbelievable, unexpected and glorious reprieve they could have wished for. Suddenly, out of nowhere, they had a stay of execution, and that grinding fear in the pit of their stomach, was then replaced with the quiet joy of all day Netflix bingeing. However, even global pandemics don’t last forever, and as all best men eventually realise, at some point you have to stop running, and start doing something about your speech.

It’s truly amazing the extent to which fully grown, perfectly intelligent and capable men, will most happily deal with the best man speech, by pretending it’s not happening. They kick that can down the road for as long as possible, until there’s no distance left to run, and then what unfolds is a traumatic scramble to get something written and learnt with just 2 weeks to go. The only thing gained by delaying speech preparation, is to make your life a lot more stressful then it needs to be.

This isn’t some half baked attempt at business development on my part – it’s just basic life management. Most best men get the stag weekend or bachelor party preparation rolling in January, because they’re excited about it; f they did the same with the speech, then the next few months and the day itself, will be infinitely more enjoyable.

Written By
Adrian Simpson
4 Jan, 2023

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