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Bespoke Best Man Speeches

By Adrian Simpson

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A professional TV comedy scriptwriter, just for you.

I started my career presenting BBC Top Gear, and have been writing material for award winning TV shows, comedians, celebrities, lawyers, brickies and plumbers around the world ever since.

I write speeches that are not only a hit on the day, but for many years to come – a great best man speech will still be talked about years after, so it needs to be spot on! 

The fee for the full bespoke speech writing service is £299 with unlimited editing. To make things easier we can also offer split payments, and there’s also a money back guarantee.

People Love What We Do

Dedicated. Professional. How it works…

1. Let's Chat

We have a chat to make sure you’re 100% happy and ready to go.

2. Questions

We send you a set of questions, and use those answers to write the speech.

3. The Speech

I write the speech and then send over the first draft once I’m completely happy with it.

4. The Editing

Unlimited editing is included, and then it’s yours to enjoy on the day!


I take a great deal of pride in writing the very best speeches, and I’m always happy to talk through your speech with you or call 0017185761264 any time

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This includes unlimited editing and support from the moment you commission us to the moment you deliver the speech.There is also an option to make split payments!

Everyone looks for help with their speech, but this is expert help

How Much Does It Cost?

There is a one time fee of £299. So much time goes into the writing, and with unlimited editing it all adds up to a lot of man hours. Having said that I haven’t raised my fee in 7 years, and do everything I can to ensure it stays that way.

What If I’m Not Happy?

Your happiness means everything to me, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to do this. Unlimited editing and all the independent, verified reviews I’ve collected should go a long way to underlining just how hard I work, and the quality of my speeches. However, in the event of a client being dissatisfied, there is a complete money back guarantee.

Can You Do Last Minute?

We will always do everything we can to fit everyone into our schedule. So, if you have a very last minute request, and sometimes that means on the day of the wedding…then get in touch. We’ll do everything we can to help.

How Can You Make It Sound Like Me?

Great question! I work really hard to look at who you are, where you live, your job, hobbies etc and that will dictate words and phrases that you might use. Even the way you answer the questions tells me loads about the person you are.

How Many Edits Can I Have?

There is unlimited editing with this service. You can come back as many times as you like and I will be more than happy to help no matter what.

I Don’t Have Any Stories!

This is a very common situation and one that can really present quite a puzzle. However, the way I write these speeches means that I don’t rely on stories – chances are they only really work if you were there anyway! I use everything you tell me about the groom to create a very funny speech, not just stories.

Will Anyone Find Out?

This is a completely discreet service. Nobody will ever know you’ve used me, and we never contact you after the event unless you’ve requested it.

My Commitment


I make sure it sounds like you, but on a really good day!

100% Original Comedy

I make your answers into a genuinely funny original speech.

No Endless Stories

Back to back stories never work, so we use them in a different way.

Just the Right Length

Timing is crucial to success. I always get it spot on.

No Filler

I never waste time talking about being the best man, it’s all about the groom

No Welcomes

The welcomes have been taken care of – you’re the entertainment!

A wedding speech fail, is always failing to prepare. This is the ultimate preparation.

Save Time

Forget wasted hours and days of frustration, we’ve got the time and talent to get this sorted now.

Genuinely Funny

Genuinely funny

Only a really funny best man speech will do. Our speeches present those powerful messages in the most entertaining and funny way. The ultimate combination.

Make Memories

Make memories

This isn’t just 10 minutes on the day, so it needs to stand the test of time. Our speeches are so good, they’re still being talked about years after the wedding. 

Huge success

This is your one opportunity to stand up and celebrate what an amazing person the groom is. We make sure you make the most of that opportunity.

Ultimate confidence

You’ll have complete confidence in what you’re going to say, so you can enjoy the day and actually look forward to the speech!

Personal pride

Delivering an amazing speech will give you a huge amount of personal pride that you did the very best job possible. And that feeling lasts forever.

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