groom speech opening lines

where to start?

You real shouldn’t overcomplicate any speech and the groom’s speech is no different. You’ve got a lot to say and plenty of people to mention, so you really need a clean, simple and straightforward first line into the speech. 

You can do no better than simply welcome everyone, thank the father of the bride – but it’s what you say next that is really important. Don’t try and reinvent the wheel with some jazzy intro nobody is going to understand, but whatever you do don’t then go into a description of how amazing the venue looks and thanking them for the incredible food!

Now is not the time to thank and praise people whose salaries you’re supporting. 

The perfect Start

he perfect start for a Groom’s Speech is to thank and welcome everyone and then try to shoehorn in a little humour just to ease the situation and break the ice with the guests. They are waiting to laugh, so don't make them wait too long or the harder it will be to achieve. Ideally the perfect start would involve a little jab at the father of the bride who has just spoken, or maybe even a quick dig at the best man. Nothing over involved, nothing too complicated, just a well delivered one liner. Whatever you do don’t dive straight into your ten minute monologue about the bride. She;s the star of the show but you have to build her part and ideally end the speech on your relationship, so hold back.

online jokes

There is no excuse for letting the internet write your speech for you. Forget all the cliched one liners you have just downloaded – you know they’re awful, and so does everybody else.

the bride

Don’t start your speech with the bride. The logical end of the speech is talk about you as a couple and you don’t want to flit backwards and forwards, so leave it for later.


You have got a bit of thanking to do and whilst it should go at the top of the speech you shouldn’t wade straight into it. It should go: welcome, gag, thanks. That’s the plan anyway.

absent friends

If you have got some tough lines to deliver it’s always best to do them at the start, as you should finish on a high. Don’t delve straight into it but after the welcome paragraph and gag, straighten up, and be brave.

ladies & gentlemen

The size of the wedding will dictate how you address the guests. For smaller wedding it’s better to use ‘everyone’ for larger weddings many like to stick to ‘ladies and gentlemen’.

the stag

An amazing number of grooms have become so attached to the guys they spent their stag weekend with, they love to welcome them above all others with a gag. Unfunny and unnecessary.

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