Length of Groom Speech

So, what is the perfect length for my speech?

The length of this speech is absolutely critical to its success – it’s a busy speech, there’s lots to include but at the same time if you talk for too long, nobody is going to be listening.

Attempting to get a groom’s speech to a suitable length is always a tricky business because there is so much to cram in there. After all, this is your one opportunity to speak about a whole host of people who mean something to you, and doing that whilst being thrifty with words is difficult. 

There are a couple of classic pitfalls and one of the most common, is going into granular detail about the ushers then spending three whole paragraphs waxing about the in laws. Don’t do it!

A groom’s speech should be no more than ten minutes, and unfortunately many don’t stick this. Grooms can ten to get a bit carried away and see this as their Oscar moment and the perfect opportunity to talk about everyone they’ve ever met, and frequently in gushing tones. 

You have got to reign it in and that means 1300 or so words. It simply means that you have to be very efficient with words, and every sentence has to really punch its weight. You have to strip out the detail, think about who is really important in your story and then build it up from there. 

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If you want to keep the words down forget thanking paid services. It’s unnecessary, boring and eats words. And anyway – they should be thanking you.

wedding-speech1 Length of Groom Speech


You can only thank so many people before the guests will have passed out with boredom so keep it to the ones who really matter for optimum speech length.

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The Bride

You want to keep roughly a third of the speech to talk about the bride – so that’s about 400 words. If you’ve written 400 words just on the first date, probably time to edit.

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