Funny Groom Speeches

So, how do you write funny Groom Speeches?

In my opinion the only type of Groom Speech that works is one that has a huge dollop of comedy, because humour makes every speech work infinitely better. You have got a lot to get through, and there’s quite a lot of emotion in this speech too, if you don’t lighten the tone with some humour it could become a pretty overwrought experience.

Every single element of the groom’s speech comes with its own potential for comedy and you just have to break it down into its composite parts to work out exactly what they are.

Your relationship with parents, the Best Man, ushers and bridesmaids, will have something you can poke fun at, and you have to do that in the most tasteful and succinct way possible. And let’s not forget the bride. Just because you’re madly in love doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun when describing the events that have led to this day.

From the outset you need to be thinking ‘daft’. No comedy works better in a wedding speeches than daft observational comedy and you need to bring that out.

This certainly doesn’t mean recounting stories to describe funny situations – you simply don’t have time for that. Every gag you’re planning to make should take no longer than one sentence, preferably a few words. Detail kills a speech and a joke – remember: you need to demand as little as possible of the guests, and attempting to go through all the funny times you and the best man have spent together is a disastrous idea.

Things to think about for a funny Groom’s Speech

Writing funny speeches is a hard won skill but with enough time there’s no reason you can’t have a good go at it yourself. Below are some things to think about when it comes to injecting humour.

The time when…

You have got around ten minutes maximum to get the job done so don’t get caught up in recounting funny stories. The temptation of going through just how funny your first date was in real time should be avoided at all costs.

The Stag

In my opinion there’s no room for the stag weekend in a groom’s speech. It’s indulgent and crucially just not that funny to hear about – by all means thank sarcastically, but save the details for the bar afterwards.


Now is not the time to be edgy. The humour in a successful groom’s speech will always be pitched so that everyone can really laugh and nobody is cringing. That means think hard about how to make things funny and don’t resort to base tactics.

The success of the comedy in this speech will have everything to do with the way you say it.  If you play it right a pause alone can make the room erupt. A slow, steady pace around carefully worked words, will ensure the best possible chance of landing it. 

The Best Man

The best man is a prime target for some well placed humour, especially as he’s just about to take you apart. Keep it intelligent, never low brow and let people know how untrustworthy he really is.

The Parents

It’s a great opportunity to thank them for all they’ve done and an even better opportunity to highlight some interesting traits in their characters for comedy value.

The Intro

Ideally you need to be making them laugh with one or two sentences of standing up and the best target for that is obviously the father of the Bride. A sharply observation about how thrilled he is to now be related to you will always do the trick.

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