Funny Maid of Honor Speeches


Funny Maid of Honor Speeches? Really?

There is one key element that unites all great speeches whether they are for weddings, corporate functions or political speeches, and that’s humour. If you can be funny in the right way at the right times you will have everyone interested and listening throughout he entire speech, you’re there as a form of entertainment at that always means making the audience laugh.

You are not a stand up comedian, and you’re not there to convince everyone of your extensive comedy talent, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make people laugh with some well observed, well delivered lines. If you make them laugh at the start you’ll have them all the way through the speech and it makes for a great counterfoil for some of the more sentimental lines you’ll probably want to say as well.


So, How to be Funny?

When it comes to wedding speeches most people dive into the internet and trawl through the extensive free, ultra cliched one liners and jokes that populate many of the sites. Forget this. Forget it now.

Everyone has heard this lines a million times before and they weren’t really that funny in the first place. Apart from anything, it’s impossible to write a personal Maid of Honor speech if the comedy you’re using has been dished out at several million other wedding all over the world already.

You need to think about what it is that makes this person. What is it that she really likes, dislikes or craves? What does her career or hobbies say about her? Even where she grew up or what she studied at college can be mined for a well observed comedy take on her personality.

You need time to think about it if comedy writing isn’t your normal thing, but try hard enough and it’s there somewhere!

Things to think about for Maid of Honor speech jokes

The main thing to remember is nobody likes crass, blunt and awkward comedy at a wedding. This isn’t the time to pitch for your Saturday Night live spot. Keep it warm, inclusive and intelligent…and if you’re not sure of it’s funny, then chances are it isn’t.

Against popular logic tories do not work in wedding speeches. To fully do justice to a story you need time and already audience, wedding guests want instant gratification, they don;t want to be dragged though anecdotes in real time. Take the nuggets form the stories and think of a way of weaving them into your speech

The Groom

If you have a great relationship with the groom then it is absolutely fine to have some fun with who he is and what he’s about. The groom should be mentioned in your speech, so balance the nice things you’re going to say about him with a bit of fun, otherwise the whole speech is going to be a wall of gushing sentiment

Female Best Man?

Best Men have a reputation for being a bit edgy, inappropriate and crass. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that in order to entertain you need to compete on these terms. There is nothing clever or funny about edgy crass speeches at any time, especially at a wedding, so write things that you know will make everyone from the parents to the children laugh.

The Pause Factor

A great speech lives and dies on its pauses. If you can work them into the format then a gap where you’re saying nothing after a well served comedy pot shot will get as many laughs as the line itself.

Dating Days

There’s nothing wrong with alluding to tricky times finding the right guy but what you don’t want here is an alphabetical list of past lovers. This really isn’t the time to focus on old boyfriends, especially not by name!


A rich source of comedy can come form the career they’ve chosen to follow. It can say funny things about the person they are and what their dreams were when they were little. However, if the bride hates her job or isn’t particularly successful, then leave well alone.


Props are not funny, they take the attention of the guests away from you and what you are saying and that’s the last thing you need. Nothing replaces a well written funny speech. Introduce funny photos for example and they’ll begin talking amongst themselves about the photos! Avoid.

Commission your very own bespoke speech

Please feel free to get in touch about one of my original, funny and creative Maid of Honor speeches that will make your speech one of the standout moments of the day.