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Introduction to the Maid of Honor speech

It wasn’t so long ago that it was considered pretty maverick for anyone brave enough to let a woman do the talking at a wedding. Thankfully those days are behind us and led by the American Wedding Machine, the world is at last welcoming women to the microphone.It just leaves the question: what on earth do you say in a Maid of Honour Speech? Well, this is a gilt edged opportunity to show the boys how it’s done. And about time too.

what to avoid

  • Venue – .Whatever you do don’t be tempted to thank the venue out of sheer separation for something to say, or God forbid – welcome people to the wedding. By the time you stand up guests will be dropping like flies from thanks/welcome fatigue. Don’t inflict any further casualties.
  • The Groom – even if you think he’s the devil in disguise a few words about the groom are the order of the day.Thankfully most MOH’s have a great relationship and it’s a great topic for you to have fun with, but it is surprising how many forget to mention the groom in they speech.However, if he’s that toxic you should really be thinking twice about accepting the gig.
  • Sustained Heavy Drinking – a glass or two throughout the day to steady the ship can make things seem more relaxed and indeed often improve performance. Over step the mark, however, and you’re only going to be living it down for the rest of your life.
  • Length – the length of the speech is crucial to its success. Don’t make it so short that people will be wondering why you bothered and don’t make it so long that guests are seriously considering putting a contract out on you. You should be looking at a speaking time of around 7 minutes, but anything less than 5 is looking a little on the brief side.

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