using a template is not cheating

how to write your father of the bride speech
(with a tiny bit of help)

✔️ With enough time on your side, writing your very own speech is entirely within your grasp

✔️ A good quality template that holds your hand from beginning to end

✔️ A rock solid guide, offering a framework for you to personalise and edit as much as you see fit

✔️ Below I’ve listed some thoughts and ideas that once you have a template, you can use to make it sound a lot more like you.

” You’re the first guy on and people expect to be engaged, entertained and tickled, so setting exactly the perfect tone is critical – below I’ve listed some thoughts on how to get it right “

it's all about the funny

Every speech at a wedding should be entertaining, otherwise it’s a wasted opportunity and quite frankly the guests deserve better. The trick comes with knowing how to pitch that humour in such away that it’s inclusive and genuinely funny, what I would call daft humour. This is not the time to be edgy. If you’ve written something for after the watershed, think again.

Less is more

You’ve known your daughter for quite some time now, so there’s plenty of fantastic material to be had. There will be lots of little and some, not so little, examples of how her character has developed over the years, but use the detail sparingly, there’s a fine line between telling her story and reading out her life CV. It’s great, but we don’t need to know that she came top in her cycling proficiency class.

dating days

Unlike the best man, the dating days are fair game for a father of the bride speech. You’ve got to keep it light hearted and of course never be tempted to use names. This should be a gentle, fun way of looking at  some of your daughter’s less distinguished decision making, whilst of course acknowledging just how much better she’s got at it.

emotional overload

This is a big moment in your life – your little girl is officially leaving your family and starting one of her very own, so of course it’s going to be an emotionally charged day. However, making your speech 1000 words of blubbering breakdown is about as counterproductive as you can get. Keep yourself together and deliver it with measured but obvious sentiment.

keep the advice

A very painful, hackneyed and boring way to end the speech is to go down the well trodden path of marital advice. The main problem is that it’s never very funny and comes and exactly the wrong point. To say something sincere about the happy couple and then go into a slapstick routine about how to make  a marriage work is misguided at best. Avoid at all costs.

the perfect ending

Speak from your soul, an uplifting finale of your wishes for the future is perfect.  Possibly the only opportunity you’ll ever have to express such emotion in public. Forget that anybody is listening, take your heart and pin it firmly on your sleeve

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