Father of the Bride Speech Examples

Setting a Good Example?

The problem with many of the Father of the Bride Speech examples you will find on the internet is that they’re simply not that good. So right from the start I would advise ignoring any examples you come across.

Instead use those examples as a guide of what to avoid – if you’re looking at it on the net, millions of others will have heard all this before too.

So, knowing what not to say using these examples is a huge first step, because then you can concentrate on the game in hand.

Divide what you want to say in to boxes such as ‘school’ and look at how others have got it wrong and think why?

The best example of a great Father of the bride speech is one where all the guests are laughing and at the end nobody knows the extent of your daughter’s qualifications, how good her bonus scheme is, or indeed how rapid your son in law’s promotion has been. Below are some classics to avoid.

The One about…

Chances are if you’re reading this that you’re not a stand up comedian, so don’t be tempted to use this speech as a proving ground for a career in showbiz. It takes the pros years to nail stand up jokes, stick to the family based observational comedy.

Your Daughter

It might seem odd but an incredible number of dads around the world forget to mention their daughter. They’re so busy going through scripted jokes and thank yous, that before they know it’s the toast at the end. Forget at your peril.

Your Son in Law

You may not like him, there might have been times in the past when you haven’t seen eye to eye, but now is not the time to retrace and rake over those differences. It’s a celebratory day so let sleeping dogs lie.


If your daughter has children form this or a former relationship then they should be included in your speech. Leaving one out for any political reasons won’t work. They’re  part of her story and if they’re going to be at the wedding include them.

Talk about Yourself

This speech is not about you. So don’t be tempted to drop any clangers about just how great you and your life is. If you have a Ferrari and enjoy First Class air Travel..well done you!

Your Wife

Even with a divorce or separation this must have been a story that began with two people, and so it’s only right and proper that your wife, or former partner gets a healthy mention. congratulate her on a job well done…if if some of you won’t mean it.

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