Father of the Bride Speech Closing Lines

So, How to Close your Father of The Bride Speech?

This is a huge moment, you’re officially sending your daughter off to begin her own married life and in many ways your guardianship comes to an end. However, you shouldn’t let the sizeable emotion of the day envelope the end. As with all the very best speeches – less is more.

If you can bring the whole speech to an uplifting crescendo with plenty of humour and don’t get too carried away with the emotion of the moment, then you will have succeeded in getting it pitch perfect. The whole aim for the ending of this speech is to let everyone know just who special she is, in the most succinct way possible.

The Toast

A general toast to health and happiness is great. Don’t toast your daughter in isolation as that’s all a bit odd and uncomfortable.

Don’t Race

This is the moment you’ve been waiting a very long time for: the end of that dreaded speech, but don’t let the end in sight ruin an otherwise polished performance. Too many guys start to pick up pace near the finish posts and it can get messy.

Keep it Simple

Avoid great sweeping masterful statements as a way to end your speech. Simple sentiments built from very simple words are by far the most powerful way to convey your feelings.

Less is More

Gushing sentiment may seem like the order of the day but it can really prove all a bit much. There’s no need to spell out just how great your daughter is in granular detail as the more you emphasise it, the less clout it has.

Emotional Rollercoaster

The fact that you’re publicly sending your daughter in to the care if another after years of holidays, parties and Christmases together is pretty big, but this needs to be a joyful, uplifting occasion so avoid to much gut wrenching emotion and be celebratory instead.

It takes Two

The closing lines are an ideal place to not just reference the bride’s mother, but also just give a great summary of just what an amazing job she’s done. If you’re divorced or separated, and don’t necessarily agree with it…just say it anyway.


Ending the father of the bride speech with advice can work but it has to be very gentle and with a good dollop of humour. Publicly giving people advice can be tricky ground so make it personal, heartfelt and funny, and you’ll be on to a winner.

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