It’s the speech that nobody wants to think about making but the one that everyone wants to be perfect. This can be incredibly difficult in the time immediately after a loss and sometimes you just can’t find the right words. Or maybe articulating just how you feel about someone and the impact they’ve had on your life is not something you feel comfortable with.


Knowing what to say, how to say it, getting the right length and balance is something that I have spent many years perfecting for many clients. I know how important it is to listen and understand just what that person meant to you and exactly how you’d like to see them remembered in words. Everybody’s requirements are different; some want a little comedy, some want a journey through their lives whilst others tend to focus on the character and what they meant the people around them. I can work with whatever ideas, thoughts or stipulations you may have.

I can help take your thoughts and memories and shape them into exactly the sentiment you’re looking for. At such a difficult time everything else needs to be perfectly straightforward and my eulogy writing service can take a little bit of your problems away and give you peace of mind that everything you want to say will be written exactly how you want to say it.


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