Adrian Simpson
November 30, 2021
Best man

Best man speech - New Year's Eve

So, as we approach the festive season there are plenty of reasons to be jolly. It's party time around the world, you'll have a few days away from work after what has been another odd year, and you'll get to catch up with friends and family. However, it's also becoming a much more popular time to have weddings. Even before the world went into meltdown, winter weddings were becoming more of a thing, and now there's a backlog of people wanting to tie the knot, they've never been so popular.

A winter wedding can be a great alternative to those summer days sipping Pimms in a balmy field, next to a great big marquee. Roaring fires, wintry decorations and maybe even the odd dollop of snow, can all help to give them very distinct identities, however, they can also be a challenge too. I will never forget writing a best man speech for a client whose friend was getting married on Boxing Day - quite why anyone thought this was a good idea is beyond me, and quite why anyone agreed to attend is equally baffling. It also means that you will be making your speech in the epicentre of party time. Everyone loves to party at a wedding, however, if your wedding is on New Year's Eve, you can ramp that up to the maximum.

Making your speech when most people are well oiled and looking to hit the bar or dance floor needs some careful thought, and in this instance the best man needs to work with the groom. If you make your speech any time after about 8pm, you may as well be reading it to yourself in the lavatory.

Nobody will be paying the slightest bit of attention, and if you factor in the probability that this is probably a COVID catch up event - a party to celebrate a wedding that's happened some time before, then you'll be on a hiding to nothing. If guests are getting trollied in less formal situations, the last thing they'll want to do is stand there and be quiet, listening to somebody they can't see.

My advice for anyone making a best man speech in these festive times, is to try and make as early on in the proceedings as possible. Make sure everyone has had time to have a drink, but not so much that their face and inside cupboards have melted.

Adrian Simpson
November 30, 2021

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