Best Man Speech Closing Lines

The best man closing lines of the speech are arguably the most important. Yes, you’ve made them laugh and given everyone a jolly, heartwarming waltz around the groom, but the bit they secretly all love is when the burly best man says with profound honesty how much he likes his good old friend. It should be thoroughly uncomplicated, from the heart but not overly mushy. We all know you think he’s a great guy but less is more.

The perfect ending for a best man speech should be sincere, not overly heavy or mushy, and have the kind of sentiment that makes you sound genuine rather than a guy who copied some lines from the internet. There is no way to cut and paste your way around this because only you can best describe what your friend means to you and the impact he’s had on your life. It really is as simple as that.

Don’t Race

A lot guys get a sniff of the finishing posts and are soon hitching up their frocks and sprinting for the line. There is no better way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory than to race to the finish. Take things steady all the way through and don’t be tempted to just get it over and done with.

Just be Truthful

The real secret to a great ending is just to be truthful. Think of how the groom has helped you out, when he’s ben there for you and made a difference in your life. Allude to certain times but don’t go into detail as a blow by blow account of testing times is going to be uncomfortable for everyone.

Less is More

Whilst this is clearly a lovely tribute to your best friend the emphasis is on the fun and laughter. When it comes to best man closing lines, which is where the sincere sentiment should sit, we’re looking at around two small paragraphs max. As much as they all love you sitting through endless gushing anecdotes can all get a bit much.

Emotional Overload

Some genuine heartfelt sentiment is the order of the day but this shouldn’t translate into a huge tsunami of teary meltdown. There is nothing quite so awkward to watch as the sight of a fully grown man losing it whilst trying to say who great the groom is. Less is more, leave it to our imagination and keep your cool.

Joking Stops

By the time you reach the end of the speech the joking should have subsided and be making way for the warm, cuddly bit about the groom. Filling this bit of the speech with more gags can tend to corrupt the flow. The joking should be very gentle and the focus very much on what a nice guy he really is.

Keep The Advice

A very painful, hackneyed and boring way to end the speech is to go down the well trodden path of marital/life advice. The main problem is that it’s never very funny and comes and exactly the wrong point. To say something sincere about the groom and/or happy couple and then go into a slapstick routine about how to make a marriage work is misguided at best. Avoid at all costs.

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