We all want to know how others did it, so we can either replicate their triumph, and steal their funny one liners, or hopefully avoid the way they crashed and burned. Here I’ve posted some great examples from all the different parts of various speeches, as well as some great examples of what not to write.

The Introduction

You can see from these examples that a good introduction just needs to be simple and straightforward, and if you can get something funny in there, even better! The last one is quite punchy, at the client’s request but if you think that would work for your guests, then it’s your call.

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The Establisher

This is the part after the introduction where you’re setting the scene for the speech and teeing up who the groom is andsummarising what makes him…him.

Below is a classic example of how wrong people can get things if they’re not properly switched on to what works and what doesn’t. The first problem is it’s not funny, the first ‘gag’ is used at thousands of weddings very single week, and is awful. Secondly forget the bridesmaids they’ve just been toasted in the Groom’s Speech, the hair gag is weak, and never use the word ‘today’ when talking about the bride’s beauty.

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The Tricky middle bit

Everyone loves a good story, just as long as it’s not in a Best Man Speech, so working out how to use the stories you’ve got in the most effective way is crucial. Here are some examples where the stories have been condensed for extra punch. As you can see form the examples below the detail has bee stripped out and they’ve been used to make an observation about the groom. This is exactly the kind of length you’re looking for whilst nailing at least 2 stories/points.

Below the Best Man has attempted to abbreviate the story quite forgetting that it’s still supposed to make people laugh. Not only has he stripped out all the detail but he’s also stripped out the funny. Instead I would have used that jumping in the puddle as some sort of cry for help railing against the fat he was ginger and single…you get the idea..

the finale

This should be super straightforward and you don’t have to go overboard on emotion of that’s not your thing – some guys are a lot more comfortable with it, some aren’t. Below is a perfect ending that can be used for all scenarios.